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Member to Public Deals

Take advantage of what our members are offering

Not a Chamber member but still looking for ways to save money? With the Member to Public Deals below, our members are offering public promotions that will help you and your business save money.

Are you a current member looking to offer your own Member to Public Deal? Log in to your Chamber Master account to create your own promotion.

Member To Member Deals

HR Show & Tell

In our inaugural HR Show & Tell web event hosted by our very own Michelle Berg, we’ll be exploring creativity in the workplace and how to use it to engage and motivate team members. Our first guest is Caroline Brookfield, and she’ll be talking about the unique ways she approaches problem solving as a team. Caroline is a facilitator, public speaker, stand-up comedian as well as a veterinarian (yep, you read that right) and helps organizations to untap creativity in unconventional ways.

Creativity at Work

Demos available via remote access video call or in-person walk throughs

Show Us Your Axe - Axe and Knife Throwing or Cheaper Than Therapy - RAGE ROOM

GoAsAGroup Perks is an Edmonton based Corporate Perks Platform, providing exclusive discounted offers for: Entertainment, Dining, Travel, Golf, Health, Services & Shopping.

Discounted Offers - Entertainment, Dining, Travel, Health, Golf, Services & Shopping

Sonapay - Payment Processing Plan - Guaranteed Rates Starting at Interchange + 0.25% & No Cancellation Penalties

Local Payment Processing. Guaranteed Rates and No Cancellation Penalties. Transparent Pricing starting at iPlus 0.25%


Payworks Payroll Services - Preferred Pricing for Chamber of Commerce Members

PAYWORKS PAYROLL FOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERS; As a fellow member of the Edmonton Chamber, Payworks will provide you 30% off your service fees.

Payroll Services

3 Hours Labour Free!

Big Company experience and processes with small business care!

New Commercial Clients Promotion

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