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Member to Public Deals

Take advantage of what our members are offering

Not a Chamber member but still looking for ways to save money? With the Member to Public Deals below, our members are offering public promotions that will help you and your business save money.

Are you a current member looking to offer your own Member to Public Deal? Log in to your Chamber Master account to create your own promotion.

Member to Public Deals

Free Onsite VoIP Evaluation

Free VoIP Evaluation


SUMMER SPECIAL: 15% Off all Individual Sessions & Package Bundles

We focus on providing a safe space for you to be heard and understood without judgment, advice or criticism. Our unique service will offer listening with compassion, empathy and a lot of understanding. Additional benefits will allow the customer to feel a sense of relief, release, healing and clarity in a safe and trusting environment.

What is a Professionally Trained Listener? Find out with our FREE 15-minute Discovery Session!

Free VIDEO STRATEGY for your business

A video strategy will bring results to any business. We help guide you through the process of implementing video assets through marketing strategies that will help you grow as a business and help you solve your problems.

To ensure you reach your goals and solve your problems in an effective way

FREE, Personalized, No Obligation Debt Consultations

Call our toll free number to be connected with a Debt Relief Specialist that will treat you with grace + respect, provide impartial + unbiased information and commentary to help you evaluate your options and take the actions that are customized to your unique situation. Don't let debt crush you, let us help you rebuild your worth.

Rebuild Your Worth

The All-Inclusive Collection Agency

It’s no secret that MetCredit clients take no risk when sending overdue accounts for collection. If we don’t collect, you don’t pay.

12 Things Our Clients Get For Free

Refer A Client & Receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Refer A Client & Receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card

EVS Nespresso Professional B2B Coffee-Tea-Filtered Water Services

Premium Beverage Solutions for Offices, hotels, and restaurants

20% Discount

Monday Wine Specials

No corkage fees

Bring your own wine

Safety Training Discount

Receive $10 off any in-person safety course (First Aid, H2S, Ground Disturbance, Fall Protection)

$10 off any in-person course

Complimentary: Private Studio Tour & 1/2 Hour Consultation

A turnkey studio space for virtual galas, awards, conferences & getting your message out to remote audiences

Your Turnkey Virtual Event Solution

Free Business IT

Intra-Play is offering a Free Business IT and Networking On-Site Initial Consultation. Allow us to show you how we can save you money and enhance your network to help you for today and to grow in the future. We can handle all your IT Network, APP and Application Programing and Cyber Security requirements.

We can handle all your IT Network, APP Development and Cyber Security requirements.

Drink Specials

Archetype Membership

Included in your membership is full access to the club and pool, a one hour complimentary consultation with our human performance Manager, unlimited classes, free 2 hour validated parking and the opportunity to be a part of an elevated and uplifting community.

Begin the pursuit of excellence with your Archetype Membership

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