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Not a Chamber member but still looking for ways to save money? With the Member to Public Deals below, our members are offering public promotions that will help you and your business save money.

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Brand Guide

Offer Valid: 06/01/2020 - 10/31/2020
A document that aligns company culture to creative assets

Brand Guide Essentials

$7500 - What's included:

Brand Story

    - who you are

    - who you serve

    - what you believe

    - your mission

    - your vision

Logo Design

    - versatility and usage

Typography Selection

    - main & secondary fonts

    - usage

Color Selection

    - primary & secondary colors

    - accents and usage

Business Cards

    - business card template

Brochure/Sales Handout

    - one page sales document

This Member to Public Deal is promoted by Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

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