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What Is Cabinet Refacing?
Simply put, when our team of professionals REFACE your cabinets, we replace all of the exterior parts of the cabinet. We add new doors, drawer fronts, gables, knobs, and hinges — all at a more affordable cost than a full cabinet replacement. You can expect to pay roughly 50% less than a full remodel, so cabinet refacing is a great option when you want to remodel your kitchen.

What Are Benefits of Cabinet Refacing?
Besides financial savings, you can expect a few different benefits when you choose this project, including:

Less time remodelling: Because the process is simpler for you as much of our process takes place in our shop and not in your home, your kitchen won’t be out of commission for very long. Our average is 1–2 days!

We couple this service with countertops and backsplash too!

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