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A&A Greenilla Food Ltd.

A&A Greenilla Food Ltd.

Food Manufacturing

About Us

Our Purpose: To Bring Myanmar to the World through its Cultural Delicacies.
Our Vision : Poor producers and rich consumers are connected with love, compassion, sharing and caring.
Our Objectives/Targets:
1. To donate a percentage of their proceeds to Humanitarian Aids in Myanmar and to different non-profit organization, cause or individual, all in an effort to help support the community.
2. To establish fair trades with millions of primary producers in Myanmar. The fair trade will be for 100% organic products. Our target is to use a minimum of 50% of our ingredients from fair trades by the end of 2023.
3. To keep the environmental foot-print at the lowest possible.
4. To prioritize sustainability and circularity as the company culture.


MohHinGar (Condensed Fish Soup) - Easy to Prepare Soup
Crispy Chickpea Tempura - Ready Eat Dry Product
Chicken Coconut Noodle - Ready Eat Frozen Product
MohHinGar - Suggested servings with the soup
Mee-Shay - Ready Eat Noodle Salad, Frozen Product
Mont-Ti : Ready Eat Noodle Salad, Frozen Product

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