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Adrenaline Diesel

Adrenaline Diesel

Automotive Sales, Parts, Repair and Service

About Us

Adrenaline Diesel is Edmonton's premier diesel engine, powertrain, tuning, and performance repair shop. We specialize in custom engine builds, conversions, performance modifications, heavy diesel engine tuning, diagnostics and enhancements for fuel efficiency, horsepower, and more. We have built a reputation for doing what other shops cannot: whether it's exorcising a ghost that others can't find, diagnosing that symptom that just won't go away, or simply offering advice on how to get more for less, we are your one stop for highway tractors and offroad diesel equipment. Adrenaline Diesel is a family operated and locally owned business that provides small business service with all of the benefits of big business.


Diagnostics troubleshooting is one of our specialties.
A collaborative approach to the difficult means that no task is too big for the Adrenaline Team.
Pride of workmanship in everything we do is easily apparent.
Performance isn't just about speed and torque! It's about getting the result that you want whether it's better fuel economy, a smoother ride, or less maintenance, the right parts are key.
Irricana Truck Show, 2023: BEST BIG RIG, Adrenaline Diesel
More than just engines, this 2018 Pete has been rebuilt, restored, and will be rehomed.

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