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Cemtrec Solutions Ltd.

Cemtrec Solutions Ltd.

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To accelerate decarbonization of the cement industry to achieve net zero emissions.


CEMTREC is determined to support the decarbonization journey of the global cement and concrete industry through innovative process optimization, adaptation of new technologies and sustainable practices. Our objective is to significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint by promoting the reduction of clinker factor, energy consumption and utilization of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) like Natural Pozzolan.

Core Values:

1. Sustainability: We are committed to supporting sustainable practices and
technologies that preserve the environment
2. Innovation: We strive to incorporate new technology, continuously
seeking new and better ways to reduce carbon emissions
3. Collaboration: We believe in partnerships and collaboration, working
together with manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, and policy makers to
achieve collective goals
4. Integrity: Our actions are driven by honesty, transparency and
responsibility to the industry and society

CEMTREC is dedicated to driving sustainable transformation in the cement industry. We support decarbonization efforts through our expertise in process optimization and the utilization of innovative technologies. We collaborate closely with cement & concrete manufacturers to identify areas of improvement, reduce clinker factor, and optimize energy consumption. We recognize that the journey towards a carbon-neutral cement industry requires continuous innovation and knowledge sharing

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