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Grand Dog Essentials

Grand Dog Essentials

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About Us

We sell and distribute frozen raw dog food, made with love and care in western Canada. Our families' dogs have eaten raw dog food since they were weaned. All our dogs have enjoyed good health, long lives and glorious coats.

Grand Dog Essentials is a family owned and operated business and our dogs are resident taste testers for raw food and any other products we carry. Family is important to us, the dogs are part of the family, and just like you we want the best for them which is why we feed raw. It is also the reason we curate very carefully, the products we choose to carry.

Some people think feeding raw will be horribly expensive and it can be. By choosing and working closely with suppliers we are able to bring frozen raw food to your door for an affordable price. We offer 40, 20, and 10 pound boxes of most products. Buying in a larger quantity allows you to feed your dog raw food at comparable cost to a quality kibble.

Besides the economics, there are other benefits. We deliver to you. No more wrestling a huge bag of food into the cart, into the car, and into the house. And, our pups have gas so seldom that if a fart escapes they are surprised and get up to investigate!

Unlike many small businesses dealing in the raw dog food business, we have knowledgeable employees who will take your call or return a message promptly. We offer service which is exceptional and we have a track record of doing so consistently. We are able to help you transition your dog to raw and provide support.


Top Dog Greg with Kanti, the inspiration and face of our logo.
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