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Green Violin

Green Violin

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About Us

We are in our Fifth Year of our Five Year Mission to "Innovate, Demonstrate and Pilot new housing forms." Our two core values are Inclusivity and Sustainability. Housing that is Inclusive of all ages, all abilities and all incomes. Our housing is sustainable financially, socially, and environmentally. We are working on models of Affordable Home Ownership combined with Neigbhourhood Activities that promote social interactions. We advocate for housing, we help other non-profits plan to develop housing, and we research housing forms to bring to Edmonton.

Being on the side on Innovation means that we often step outside the lines, and that's where we learn the most about what we need to do.

Video Media


  • Affordable Home Ownership
  • Community Housing
  • Alternative Ownership Models
  • Tiny Home Communities
  • Housing Advocacy


Urban Matter, Stop Collaborate and Listen, with Green Violin

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