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Hollen Industries Ltd


Miscellaneous Merchant Wholesalers

About Us

Hollen Industries Ltd. is a virtual procurement and product supply partner. Hollen Industries was created out of the understanding that companies need the ability to work with product experts in order to best meet their needs and budgets. Each purchase they make is an investment in their business and subsequent success.

Working with Hollen allows you the benefits of a Virtual Procurement team. We have different levels of commitment in the Virtual Procurement including but not limited to:

i. One off project research or product request; perhaps you need a plastic sign holder but don’t have the time to research the best holder or cheapest price to get it; let Hollen Industries take care of that for you.

ii. Looking to compare your current price to ensure you’re getting a competitive market price on you products, give Hollen a list of the products and we can do the quoting out for you to ensure you’re receiving the best price.

iii. Have a higher level of procurement needs; keep Hollen on retention as your go to virtual procurement team. You can send us any new or customized projects, repeatable orders that need to be placed intermittently through the year or any other miscellaneous items that might come up; Hollen will take care of it.

Depending on the level of service you need; Hollen Industries can work with you as a virtual procurement partner to ensure you receive what you need. The first step to starting your Virtual Procurement journey is to reach out to Hollen and we can work with you depending on your needs.

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