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Lifemark Vocational Services

Lifemark Vocational Services

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About Us

Lifemark provides a comprehensive range of vocational services throughout Alberta and across Canada. A guiding belief is that given the necessary skills and opportunities, an individual may participate in meaningful self-directed employment; therefore, improving their overall quality of life. Our experience includes providing thorough assessment services, comprehensive job planning, employment preparation, supported job search services and job placement with follow-up to some of the most vulnerable Canadians. Through creative and flexible programming, we have become a leader in delivering quality services and achieving superior performance outcomes.

We maintain an extensive network of employer relationships and we work in partnership with industry leaders to facilitate recruitment by offering access to a pool of qualified candidates to fill job openings. Many of our programs offer wage contributions and training on various job opportunities to offset the costs of recruitment and training for employers. Lifemark can assist with the screening and hiring process.

We strive to deliver exceptional client care. In 2019, we maintained with our clients an overall satisfaction rating of 93.5% for supported job search services. We also delivered vocational services to over 700 clients and assisted over 100 unemployed clients in returning to employment, with an 80% sustainability rate.

Some of the partners and organizations we work with include but are not limited to, the Workers’ Compensation Boards, insurance companies, and Provincial Government Departments.


Empower Program - for single mothers in the Edmonton area
WORKforce Program - for job seekers in NW Alberta
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