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About Us

At Lubana Trucking we can do it all from arranging an truck for our customers which includes flatbeds, reefers, dry vans, super b-trains, and quads to make every move a safe and on time commitment. Our modern fleet operates 365 days of the year. From last-minute load coverage, store deliveries, special projects, and expedited service, Lubana Trucking has you covered as a go-to provider. We are available 24/7 for 365 days to support your commitments to your customers and provide timely updates, regardless of the time of day.

We are Canada and US bonded carriers as well as approved to haul Hazmat.

We want to help you meet your customers’ visibility demands and simplify your workflow. By eliminating check calls through real-time tracking and automated alerts, Lubanapoint, software by Lubanatrucking enables you to make the best use of your time while maintaining top-quality service for our customers.

Real-time supply chain visibility is vital for any transportation team seeking to improve customer service and performance.
Lubanapoint enables our team to view, analyze, predict and communicate the status of any shipment in real time, dramatically improving their ability to manage supply chain disruptions, increase on-time delivery performance and minimize carrier detention fees.


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