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Nelson Environmental Remediation Ltd.


Environmental Management and Services

About Us

Nelson Environmental Remediation, Ltd. is an environmental contractor, specializing in the remediation of contaminated soils and site preparation/restoration. Since 1992, NELSON has developed expertise in employing Mobile, Thermal Soil Remediation (TDU & ITDU) technology for the remediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils in extreme conditions. NELSON offers a cost effective and in many cases guaranteed solution with additional values provided, depending on project scope. NELSON is capable of performing all phases of excavation, soil preparation, thermal treatment, and back-filling and site restoration. NELSON services include: Exsitu Thermal Desorption (Direct & Indirect), Ground Water Treatment, Insitu Thermal, Underground Tank Removal (PTMAA), Excavation, Transport & Disposal, Hazardous Material Handling, Pipelines spill cleanup, Wellsite cleanup, Service Stations, Insitu Remediation, Water Remediation and Site Characterization and Delineation tools.

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