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Human Resources

About Us

At Pathfind we deliver the best solutions to talent management and development challenges, strengthen your culture and protect your integrity as an employer. Backed by decades of hard-earned experience, our team provides the personal attention and consistent, best-in-class service your organization requires.

The Pathfind team is a diverse and passionate group who truly loves what they do. We take the time to understand your situation and your specific needs, and then we work collaboratively to provide effective, common sense, tailored solutions.

Not only do we work with leaders to find the perfect candidate, but we also guide job seekers along their career path and to the perfect placement.

We are a proud equity partner of Career Partners International — now the world’s largest, privately held and most successful, talent management consultancy firm — with over 250 offices, globally. Through this affiliation we are able to deliver consistent, professional services to your company wherever the need may be. The unique business model of local ownership and global resources allows us to tailor and deliver innovative, flexible and practical solutions aligned to your business to drive your organization’s performance.

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