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Quantum International Services Ltd.


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About Us

Quantum International Services Ltd. (QIS) distinguishes itself as a pivotal player in the field of procurement and project management, with a pronounced focus on public tenders, particularly in the realm of IT procurement. Renowned for its collaboration with reputable software companies, QIS excels at delivering bespoke software solutions tailored to the complex demands of clients operating across various levels of government—federal, provincial, and municipal—as well as in the private sector.

QIS's portfolio showcases a compelling track record of securing and managing contracts ranging from hundreds of thousands to multi-million-dollar projects. This success is underpinned by its adeptness at navigating the complexities of the tendering process and its unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Moreover, QIS stands as a strategic ally for companies aiming to engage in government contracts, offering its expertise to facilitate their success in this competitive arena.

Through its robust partnerships, comprehensive understanding of the procurement landscape, and a proven history of substantial contracts, QIS continues to establish its reputation as a trusted and proficient entity in the procurement domain, contributing significantly to the advancement of IT infrastructure and services at multiple governmental and private levels.


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