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SVPT Fitness & Athletics

SVPT Fitness & Athletics

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About Us

SVPT fitness + athletics is an all-inclusive body positive Edmonton gym and private personal training facility that inspires all ages and fitness levels to achieve a higher quality of life through science based functional fitness. Our highly educated and professional certified personal trainers and Kinesiologists focus on teaching clients how to improve their mental and physical health with personalized functional program design in a private, clean and spacious gym.

SVPT certified personal trainers have diverse real fitness knowledge from over 60+ years of combined experience to help clients improve movement patterns, manage injuries, increase strength, improve mobility, improve flexibility, increase cardio, improve mental health, reduce stress, and design exercise programs to achieve specific fitness or sport goals.

From a thorough movement assessment and consultation, training is customized to needs, biomechanics, history and lifestyle, so goals and health outcomes can be achieved safely and effectively. Not only will clients improve physical fitness but also create independence and confidence, which will allow you to live an active, and full life. Don’t wait to start living – START NOW.

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