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Voran Group Ventures

Voran Group Ventures

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

About Us

Bacoban cleaner & disinfectant has had a distinguished 15-year history of use in Europe, and we are pleased to say that today we proudly manufacture in Canada. We have worked hard over the last year to obtain the necessary approvals from Health Canada and now hold 5 active drug identification numbers (DINs) for the product. The attributes that make it attractive to our customers include:

? Surface compatibility and effectiveness approvals from Boeing, Bombardier, AMS, etc. means that you don’t compromise passenger safety OR the lifespan of aircraft surfaces (including the paint)
? Made in Canada
? Trusted by Doctors
? Stable supply chain
? Available formats: Liquid spray, disinfecting wipes, fogging solution
? Resolves the hygiene gap and prevents the growth of mold
? Water-based & No Volatile Organic Compounds
? Won’t damage electronics or sensitive equipment
? Approved for hospital use
? Approved for food processing use
? Perfume free

Rep/Contact Info

Dave Pavelich
National Sales & Marketing Manager

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