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About Us

AlignVR brings reliable soft skills evaluations to Alberta-based companies through virtual reality. The result is stronger teams, both through team building activities and via using it as a hiring tool. Unlike traditional methods, our VR programming inhibits the tendency among participants in these activities to engage in impression management — the psychological phenomenon whereby people naturally filter, inflate, and otherwise consciously and subconsciously manage how they come across to fit what they believe the evaluator wants to see.

This tendency frustrates the ability of a team building coach or a hiring manager to truly understand what somebody is like, which means their advice or their decision will not result in the change or the hire the company is looking to see.

By putting groups of up to four participants through a series of tightly designed VR experiences, AlignVR organically produces natural, authentic behaviours that are a much more representative demonstration of personality and soft skills. This means companies get a more accurate understanding of their people. When working on self-improvement through team building exercises, it means the team and the individuals experience the lessons and retain them better. In a hiring context, it means companies get a more thorough understanding of behaviours that don't always become obvious until months after the person is hired.

AlignVR can also be used as a team morale booster, for companies that just want to give their teams a little boost and the opportunity to strengthen social bonds!

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